Fall and winter can have a negative effect on mental health. The shortened, colder days can make even the most energetic individuals want to curl up by the fireplace and hibernate until spring. Getting as much natural light into the home as possible can help combat depressive feelings. Solatubes are a great way to incorporate
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Cleaning Gutters in the Fall

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Autumn is a beautiful season in the Northeast, bringing every shade of yellow, orange, red, and brown to the landscape. As soon as the leaves start to fall off the trees, however, gutters can end up with the short end of the stick. Clogged gutters can increase the risk for water damage and threaten the
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Maintenance tasks usually are needed around seasonal changes. This fall, make sure your home is prepared for cooler weather by performing critical exterior maintenance tasks. Some tasks on the list may take only a few minutes of your time and offer peace of mind, while others may alert you to some serious issues that need
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