Mice and other wildlife can wreak havoc inside your home, and winter is typically the season they choose to move in. Insulation and siding are the targets of choice, which may leave you with significant heat loss during the coldest months of the year. Keep your home running smoothly this season with these tips for
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Throughout the year, you may want or need to access your roof to assess damage or remove debris and snow. Gutters, landscaping, and your house’s structure may impede your access by ladder. Knowing how to access your roof safely can prevent significant injury.   If you don’t have experience with roof repair or inspection, contact
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Siding today doesn’t have to be completely uniform. Many homeowners prefer to add depth to their design by mixing brick with stucco or stone accents. There are many ways to personalize your design by choosing a multimedia façade. If you’re renovating, mixing and matching siding gives you extra flexibility in designing a space that fits
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