Will My Home Insurance Cover My Exterior Repair

Find out what homeowner’s insurance policies typically cover for exterior home repair services. Call Top Quality Contractors today to get started.Exterior Home Repair


While every homeowner’s insurance policy is slightly different, most offer a range of benefits for common causes of home destruction. If your home’s exterior has suffered damage from a storm, smoke, theft, lightning, or other disaster, your insurance may cover most or all of your repair work.


Filing a Claim

Review your policy as soon as you notice damage outside the home. See if any of the damage is attributable to natural events like severe storms or another person’s malicious behavior, including vandalism, civil unrest, or theft. If so, file a claim as soon as possible. Call your insurance representative. He or she can advise you on any questions you have about coverage and the next steps you need to take to file a claim.

Write down the contact information of anyone you talk with and ask for a rough timeline for the claim. The first claim you make on your policy will typically not increase your premium payments, but double-check with your agent to make sure.

Once the claim has been started and the damage assessed, start looking at contractors in the area who can provide the repair services needed. For siding, roofing, gutter, door, or window repair, call Top Quality Contractors, your go-to source for exterior home improvement projects in Maryland.


Coverage Considerations

If your claim for damage is approved, you may receive compensation to cover the cost of replacement, an extended replacement cost to cover items over the limit of the policy, or the cash equivalent of the replacement minus any depreciation. Outside the home, your policy may cover damage to your siding, roofing, windows, doors, fencing, outbuildings, garages, gutters, foundational considerations, and more.

Home improvement projects like re-roofing or re-siding your home may change the amount of coverage you need. Add any value-additions to your policy to make sure you have enough benefits to cover the cost of repair work and replacement if your home is damaged. Get started on an exterior remodeling or home repair job today by contacting the local professionals at Top Quality Contractors

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