Consider These Upgrades Before Selling

House Upgrades


Have you outgrown your first home? Looking for some ways to get out the door in a good financial position? You should consider some house upgrades before you list your home in order to get more money for your home than you would have thought.


A New Roof


A new roof can add 15-40% more value to your home. That means if your home costs $100,000 you could list it for $140,000 just by getting a new roof! The worse condition it’s in to begin with and the dramatic transformation equals more money coming back to you in the end. If your home is in a higher priced area then a new roof could gain a lot more value because those buyers are willing to pay top dollar for new. Also it’s important to note that a new modern roof will attract the right buyers. People love knowing a new, well-insulated roof will lower their heating and cooling costs. For a free roofing estimate, contact us.


New Windows


New windows have shown an 85% return on investment! New windows bring great value to your home and its energy efficiency. Potential homebuyers will be glad to know that they are saving energy and money with a brand new set of windows, not to mention they will be beautifully, sparkling new.


Vinyl Siding


What’s better than new windows? Vinyl siding, it produces an 89% return on investment! The best part about installing new vinyl siding on your home is that it will look and feel like a brand new house.


If you are looking to make some very valuable improvements on your home before selling, remember to consider a new roof, new windows, and new vinyl siding. We provide all of these services and more at Top Quality Contractors. Call us today for your free estimate!

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