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High Quality Roofing in Maryland

Roof replacement can be a serious and expensive undertaking. If it's not done properly, it can cause more damage and cost more money over time. Roofing materials can vary in price as well, but it is just as important to invest in quality materials as it is to invest in a quality roofer. While it's tempting to opt for cheaper service and materials, it is much wiser to spend the initial money up front and save thousands on repairs in the long-run. Top Quality Contractors can help you choose the right materials and get the job done professionally. Contact us today for a free estimate with one of our team members.

Tips For Starting A Roofing Project

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  • Look for quality materials & contractors.

    There's a wide variety of roofing materials available, and they all offer benefits. Different materials will work better for different types of homes. Homes in hot, dry areas may fare better with reflective, metal roofing, while homes in cooler areas should have insulated, heat absorbent materials. Additionally, quality manufacturers will offer warranties on their materials and good contractors will offer a warranty on craftsmanship.

  • Quality roofs last longer and save money.

    The roof is what protects the home from the elements. Low-end materials will not offer as much protection and will quickly degrade over time. Roofing involves more than just slapping shingles on top of a frame. A good roof will have several layers of framing, insulation, and underlayment to offer comprehensive protection and so you can avoid high repair costs in the future. Spend a little more now to save a lot more in the future.

  • Quality roof materials insulate buildings.

    Homeowners can be saved from high utility bills by using quality roofing materials to insulate. This will protect heat from escaping in the winter, and cool air escaping in the summer. It is estimated that the attic is responsible for 25% of home heat loss. Quality roofing will include ventilation, insulation, and roofing products that prevent heat loss. Make sure you ask your contractor about this before the contract signing.


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We value our customers’ satisfaction as much as we do our products, and want to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with every aspect of our completed project. We begin our process with a FREE project estimate. Staying true to our core values, our initial meeting should embody everything that Top Quality stands for - honesty, effort, and punctuality. If anything about our service is not up to your standards, we will fix it, guaranteed! As a customer, you can be confident that your money is wisely invested in high quality product, professional installation, and great customer service.
We take pride in being a privately owned business that consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers.


A Quality Roof Requires a Quality Roofing Company

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Once quality roofing materials and products are selected, the next step is finding a quality roofing company. Appropriate licensing and specialized certifications are the first signs of a good roofing company. The second sign is a professional, friendly demeanor and good knowledge of the products upon first contact.

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A sub-par roofing company can waste thousands of dollars, and a bad roofing job can even decrease the value of the home. Sometimes roofing companies will advertise exceptionally low prices to attract customers. They arrive at this price by skimping on materials, roof components, and correct procedures - which is easy for a homeowner to miss at first.

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The roofing company should do an inspection of the home before providing a detailed estimate. When a roof needs to be replaced, it requires the contractors to completely remove the old materials, check for rot, fix underlying soffit and fascia boards, insulate, and apply the new roofing materials.

Quality Roofing

Unfortunately, the roofing industry is rife with shoddy workmanship that results in warped shingling and leaks. This usually leads to the homeowner having to find another contractor to completely replace the roof again.
A recent Angie's List survey determined that 68% of roofing complaints were due to shoddy workmanship by low quality contractors.


At Top Quality Contractors, we offer advice on the most appropriate materials for the home, and will gladly help customers in making tough decisions.
We provide quality workmanship and use only the best materials. Remember, spending the initial money now on quality materials and service will ensure long-term, low maintenance protection that saves you money over time.

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