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Read this to find out why you may want to change the shape and style of your roof when you update your home. Find our more about Roofing Types!Roofing Types

There are so many considerations for installing or renovating your home’s roof. When you plan to have a new roof installed, it may be a good time to think about an alternative style. If you’ve always wanted to turn your attic into an extra living space or add solar panels later on for energy efficiency, your current roof style may not be the right shape. Consider these styles as alternatives to make your home look and feel different while keeping the elements you love:



These roofs are seen typically on commercial and apartment buildings, not residences. While they don’t drain very well, they’re suitable for anyone interested in creating a rooftop garden or adding solar panels to their home. A flat roof may take away from your current attic space, so consider how much space you need to keep before choosing this style.



One of the most popular styles, gabled roofs have two sloping sides that meet in a triangular peak. They work well in most environments and can be a great addition for creating a finished attic space. Gabled roofs also allow for extra insulation, helping balance temperatures throughout the home. Call Top Quality Contractors Inc. to find the right gabled roof for your architecture.



Hipped roofs have four sloping sides, making them a good choice for rainy areas. They’re more popular in warmer, wet areas and may not be the most practical choice for northern homes.



This style features two sloping sides, but the sides are uneven, giving a building a short roof on one side and a long roof on the other. Many homes incorporate this design today by adding a saltbox feature on part of the home while choosing another roofing style for the main areas.



This mixed design features a flat top with sloping hipped sides. Many homes with this type of roof feature dormer windows in the tall attic space. These roofs create extra living space with full extra story beneath the roof.


Many modern homes use a mixture of roofing elements and materials to create unique spaces. Contact our team at Top Quality Contractors to learn more about the right style of roofing to transform your home.


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