4 Top Causes of Siding Problems and How to Avoid Them

Avoid Home Siding Problems

Siding problems typically start small and turn into large-scale and costly renovation projects. If your home was built many years ago, the siding may not hold up as well as some newer materials, but age isn’t the only threat to your home’s siding. Moisture problems, warping, mold, and improper installation can cause problems to your home’s structure over time. Here are some of the top causes and how to prevent them:



Moisture is a top problem throughout the home. On the outside, the structural problems can seep in and cause mold and mildew issues and compromise the overall home foundation. Make sure you have a waterproof barrier on your home, particularly if your siding is not highly waterproof. Keep an eye out for mold growth that may indicate unsafe moisture levels. Address any moisture issues as quickly as possible. If you’re re-siding your home, ask Top Quality Contractors about more resilient materials to reduce the risk of moisture damage.


Poor installation

Installation problems can haunt homeowners for years. The best way to prevent problems with installation is to get a new home inspection before purchasing and to hire a company you trust for any repair and re-siding projects in the future. Choose a company with a reputation for high-quality workmanship and a warranty to cover any future problems.


Pest infestations

Wood-based sidings can become a breeding ground for many different types of insects including termites, carpenter ants, woodpeckers, and bees. Avoid insect problems by sticking with siding materials that aren’t enticing to common pests. Good alternatives to wood-based sidings may include brick, vinyl, stone, and cement.


Poor maintenance

Even low-maintenance siding needs to be inspected regularly. Clean your home’s exterior at least once a year and address any sealant cracks, exposed nails, and other issues as you come across them. One of the worst problems homeowners can have is letting a small problem get out of hand before starting repair work.


If you notice any damage to your siding or are interested in finding a better material for your home, contact Top Quality Contractors today.

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