Install Solatube Lighting This Fall for Year-Round Natural Light Indoors

Get your home ready for the shortest days of the year with Solatube natural lighting installation anywhere in the home. Give us a call to get started.

Solatube Natural Lighting

Fall and winter can have a negative effect on mental health. The shortened, colder days can make even the most energetic individuals want to curl up by the fireplace and hibernate until spring. Getting as much natural light into the home as possible can help combat depressive feelings. Solatubes are a great way to incorporate natural light in every room and hallway of a home, from the basement to interior bathrooms.

Traditional skylights offer a lot of external light, but they can be installed only on the upper stories of a home. Solatubes channel light down through light-reflective tubing. The result is pure, natural daylight anywhere in the home. When installed, the diffusive light fixture allows the light to project into the room just like recessed bulb lighting. Get started with a Solatube solution in your home by calling the roofing professionals at Top Quality Contractors.


Health Benefits of Solatubes

When the days start to shorten, some people become deficient in vitamin D and experience more feelings of depression and anxiety. The natural lighting that Solatubes offer can help you get in more natural light without having to take cold walks outside or sit in front of an artificial light during the day. Sunlight increases the body’s natural production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps you regulate mood, sleep, appetite, and more. It can also reduce the experience of pain and lower your risk of certain cancers caused by vitamin D deficiencies.


Energy and Savings Benefits

The lighting also allows you to brighten the interior of your home without costing you a dime. Once installed, you’ll have access to natural light every day during the daylight hours. Think about not having to flip a switch every time you walk down an interior hallway or into the bathroom. The installation will increase the value of your home and create brighter, more natural coloring in every room.

Every home can benefit from more natural light. Make an investment in your home and in your health by considering these lighting solutions, which are more cost-effective and versatile than traditional skylights. Contact Top Quality Contractors for a free estimate on your Solatube solution today.

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