What Does an Energy Star Rating Really Mean?

Energy Star Rating

Energy-Star ratings are recommended for household appliances, fixtures, lighting, windows, and more. If you’ve wondered what the rating actually means and if it’s really worth it, you’re not alone.

Energy Star is the trusted, federal government-supported certification system for products that use natural resources (e.g. water, electricity, and gas). The program is designed to help consumers identify and purchase environmentally friendly alternatives to common household products without compromising functionality.

For doors, windows, and skylights, the Energy Star label helps consumers choose products that have been rated the most effective for certain regions in the United States. Northern-rated Energy Star products provide more insulation than other zone-qualified labels, making them a better choice for anyone who lives in an area of the country with harsh winters. Find the right exterior Energy Star product for your home by calling Top Quality Contractors

Here’s why you should invest in Energy Star replacements when possible:

  • Products are cost-effective. If you’re looking at windows, for instance, Energy Star-labeled products are often similarly priced with other products of the same performance quality. Choosing an efficient product that’s slightly more expensive can help save money in energy costs over the long term, eliminating any immediate cost discrepancies.
  • They improve the economy. Choosing efficient products all around the home helps create jobs and drive innovation across a wide range of industries. The savings from Energy Star products also saves money for everyone using them.
  • Energy Star products are the most efficient. While any marketer can use “efficiency” as a buzzword, Energy Star labels mean a product has been tested under the most stringent guidelines available for performance.
  • Energy-efficient products have a longer lifespan. Most rated products have a longer lifespan than traditional product counterparts, meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Whenever you need to make a natural transition from an old product to a new, choose something with the Energy Star label. Let our team of professionals at Top Quality Contractors know you’re interested in the most energy-efficient solutions, and we can help you make the most out of any repair or replacement job. Get in touch with us today.

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