Accessorizing Your Home’s Exterior

Give your home’s exterior a polished look with these tips. Reach out to Top Quality Contractors today to help with your Home Exterior AccessorizingHome Exterior Accessorizing

The right siding, doors, roofing, and window treatments go a long way toward upgrading the overall look and feel of a home. To make a home really stand out, however, homeowners should also focus on the details. Small accents that highlight the large-scale work can help a home look finished and inviting.


Start Big

If you’re planning on any large changes, start with those. Choose your color scheme and materials for new siding and a front door first. Decide whether to repaint or replace shutters, and think about any porch or railing considerations. These bigger decisions will impact the outcome and allow you to get started shopping for accessories while the changes are being made. Even updating the paint or stains around your home can change the types of accessories you’ll want. Find the best changes for your home from doors to roofing when you call Top Quality Contractors, your local exterior home improvement specialists.


Stick With a Theme

Every home has a personality blended from its architectural elements and the style of its inhabitants. Try to stick with classic finishing touches, especially if you anticipate selling the home in the future. The size of your external entryways, in particular, may shape the types of elements you add to the space. For instance, a small stoop may not be the place for a large light fixture but may easily accommodate recessed lighting. Similarly, a small accessory may look out of place on a sweeping front deck, so take measurements in the store or try out a few different sizes before settling on the best hardware and lighting.


Be Detail-Oriented

Look at your home during the day and at night to get a better sense of the accessories your home needs. A small bungalow may need only one or two light fixtures on the porch, while a larger estate may need accent lighting in garden beds around the home. Match your fixtures to your door hardware, including the knobs and door chime button. Use shutters on windows that have small trim work on open surfaces, and opt for changing the trim on areas that are more design-heavy.


When you’re ready to start your project, large or small, give Top Quality Contractors a call for a free estimate.

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