Warning Signs of an Insulation Infestation in Your Home

Here’s what you need to know to address pest infestations in your home this winter. For more Home Insulation Infestation info, read here!Home Insulation Infestation

Mice and other wildlife can wreak havoc inside your home, and winter is typically the season they choose to move in. Insulation and siding are the targets of choice, which may leave you with significant heat loss during the coldest months of the year. Keep your home running smoothly this season with these tips for preventing, identifying, and dealing with a pest infestation.



Prevent wildlife and pest infestations during winter by making your home an uninviting place. Seal up all cracks and keep up with your regular maintenance routine. Closing off the number of entrances can help prevent most little trespassers from choosing your home as theirs. Keep the house free of crumbs, avoid leaving unsealed food out on the counters, and seal the garbage up both indoors and out.



Most of the time, homeowners recognize the signs of an infestation in their home. Mouse droppings, sounds of movement, and disturbed insulation are the most common identifiers of winter infestations. Check your attic insulation for damage a few times throughout the season to make sure you spot any damage that could be disrupting your home’s heating capabilities. Let the team at Top Quality Contractors know if you need some help addressing insulation problems.



While you can add mousetraps around the house or find home improvement store pest solutions, they may not work for large-scale infestations. Keep a pest control company’s number on hand for severe infestation problems during the winter. In some cases, you may need to completely clear out and replace the insulation in the attic or find ways to repair hidden cracks and entrances to your home. For spider and insect troubles, vacuum thoroughly after you seal any exposed cracks, and vacuum often to prevent the problem from recurring. Havahart traps can help you trap larger pests, such as squirrels and raccoons, for safe release into the wild.


Contact Top Quality Contractors for more information about roof and attic inspections to reduce the chance of a pest infestation during winter.

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