Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Home Insulation

Read on to understand more about home insulation how it impacts things like water damage, energy costs, and pest control. Home Insulation


You may know insulation is an important part of your home’s energy efficiency. What you may not understand is how to tell if your home insulation is sufficient. Home Insulation is rated by its R-value, which is the resistance level to heat flow. Insulation that has a high R-value is more insulating than a lower value. If your insulation is several years old, its low R-value may be affecting your home in more ways than you know.


The Right R-Value

Different locations, architectural considerations, and heating and cooling methods may impact how high an R-value you need in your home. In the Northeast, generally higher R-values are a better choice, because of the extremely cold weather we experience. Ask the professionals at Top Quality Contractors about which R-value is best for your home.


When to Replace Your Insulation

The right kind of insulation can improve your home’s value while saving you money in the long run. High utility bills are some of the first signs that you may need to consider replacing your insulation. Older homes with damaged or poorly installed insulation can make it harder to keep a home at a consistent temperature. During the summer and winter, Maryland residents may notice a real difference in their heating and air-conditioning bills if the insulation isn’t doing its job.

Signs of aging, pest infestations, and water damage can also be hints that it’s time to change the insulation. Unaddressed water and pest damage can lead to further expenses if the problem gets into the frame, roofing, or siding of the home.


Adding Extra Insulation

You may not need to replace your attic insulation fully. Sometimes just adding extra insulation and removing any damaged material can make a noticeable difference. At Right Roof Inc., we use DryRight insulation, which helps control moisture levels and resists mold and mildew growth. Contact our team to learn more about our installation methods in attics and to get started on your insulation improvement project today.

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