Minimizing Winter Roofing Threats

Winter Roof Threats

Ice dams, water, and poor insulation can increase the risk of significant damage to your home’s roof during the winter. When severe weather events roll through, make sure your home is protected. Here are some of the top threats to your roof this winter.


Ice dams

Ice dams that sit on the edge of roofs can make any roof susceptible to damage. The buildup worsens in conditions of melting and refreezing. When the amount of snow and ice builds to a certain point, the roof can collapse. Cleaning your gutters and using a roof rake during heavy snowfalls can reduce the risk of an ice dam damaging your home. Consider installing heated gutter strips to keep the snow in your gutters melted. Let the professionals at Top Quality Contractors perform a 17-point roof inspection to prepare your roof, attic, and gutters for snowfall.


Insulation damage

Insulation damage from water, pests, and old age can run your energy bill sky high and worsen any existing moisture problems in the attic. The attic may always seem colder than the rest of the home, but if you start noticing drafts in the main living areas or near the entrance to the attic, call a professional service. Our team of professionals also evaluates ventilation in the attic for optimal winter roof conditions.


Water damage

As snow melts, it can seep into your home and start to cause water damage that you may not notice until spring arrives. Burst pipes can also create a lot of water damage in a short time. Prepare for winter the right way by inspecting the inside and outside of your home and addressing any insulation problems, cracks, and exposed piping. Remember to let your faucets drip when the weather gets really cold.


Pest infestations

While summer is known for pest problems, winter can bring a new set of pest difficulties. Mice and other small animals and insects burrowing in your insulation, under the eaves, and in your crawlspaces can leave a mess and damage your home’s structure. If you notice any signs of animal trespass, set out traps or call a pest control service as soon as possible.


Contact Top Quality Contractors for more information about protecting your home against some of winter’s major home threats.

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