Outdoor Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Get in the holiday spirit with these important, safe,and effective Outdoor Decorating Tips. Contact Top Quality Contractors to get started today.Outdoor Decorating Tips

Decorating your home for the holidays can be a fun family experience, but accessing your roof, windows, and other areas of the home to hang lights and wreaths is always slightly dangerous. Knowing the best ways to approach exterior home decorating will minimize risk and ensure everything comes on and looks great when you plug in the lights at the end of the day. Here’s what you need to do:


  • Finish any maintenance tasks. Sometimes, homeowners can be sluggish with home maintenance when the holiday season rolls around. Finish cleaning out gutters and inspecting your home for any damage while you’re scoping out your light setup for the year to save time and keep your home’s light setup safe. Call Top Quality Contractors for a comprehensive inspection today.
  • Check all your supplies. Staying organized can help you fly through the decorating process and keep it from taking over your living room or garage while you try to sort through everything. Check all the lights and get them ready for hanging, and then organize your decorations by location for quick installation. Check any new purchases before heading outside, too.
  • Getting on a ladder. Always take a helper outside with you to hand you materials as you go. Secure the ladder against an eave, and don’t reach out too far as you go.
  • Forego the nail routine. There’s a much easier way to hang your lights. Grab a spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol, some rags, zip ties, and self-adhesive bases with loops from your local hardware store. Clean off the surface where you intend to secure the strand with the fast-drying alcohol and a rag. Attach the mounting base to your eave or window frame, and then slide the zip tie through the loops. Tie the lights in place and cut of the excess. At the end of the holiday season, cut through the zip ties and leave the mounting base up for next year.

If you notice any damage while hanging your lights this year, give our team a call. Top Quality Contractors is ready to help you with all your exterior home repair and improvement needs.

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