Popular Window Styles to Improve Your Home’s Value

Standard double-hinged windows are boring. Find out which windows can really make your home stand out with the following Window Styles!Window Styles

Traditional double-hung windows get the job done, but they don’t really add interest or style to a room. If you need to replace windows, consider updating to a different style for functionality and beauty. A new style can completely transform your home, making it appear more open. It can also make window cleaning easier! Try these window styles for energy efficiency, style, and gorgeous access to natural light:


Entry door windows

Adding more natural light to your front door space can brighten a hallway or room. Expand your front door to include windowed paneling on either side of the doorway or above it. Check out Top Quality Contractors for some great custom-made front door designs with windows, hardware, and more.


Bay windows

Give a room more square footage without ripping out an entire wall by installing a curved bay window setup. The most popular version of this design is to have one large picture window in the center with two casement or double hung-windows on either side. Consider adding one to your kitchen or living room and a copper roof accent on the exterior.


Skylights and tubular lighting

Brighten the interior of your home with natural light shining down in a skylight or Solatube. Solatube lighting can be installed virtually anywhere in the home and tends to be a more cost-effective solution than skylights, which tend to have trouble sealing.


Casement windows

Casement windows swing out from a vertical hinge instead of sliding. The closure technique provides a better seal than sliding windows, and the windows are perfect for letting lots of fresh air in or cracking to channel a breeze.


Awning windows

If your windows don’t let in quite enough light, consider throwing out the drapes and adding an awning window or small picture window at the top. The interesting design lets in more light and eliminates the need for curtain accents.


Every home is different, so let us know what you’re looking for in a window and we’ll help you find the perfect solution. Contact Top Quality Contractors today to learn more about energy-efficient window-replacement solutions.

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