4 Reasons You Need a New Front Door

Justify your new front door purchase with these reasons to upgrade your home with a high-quality door from the professionals at Top Quality Contractors

New Front Door

Installing a visually appealing front door has one of the highest-rated returns for a home improvement project. It adds value instantly by giving visitors a great initial impression. Whether you’re thinking about large-scale renovations or a few strategic upgrades, a new door will complement any style change while offering a number of benefits.

For example:



It’s the most value-rewarding home improvement project. When looking at the return rate on home improvement projects, often homeowners can fully recoup the cost of installation if they ever decide to move.


Energy efficiency

While you’re working on installing energy-efficient windows, lighting, and appliances, consider making your door an energy-efficient solution, as well. New steel and fiberglass doors are far more insulating than traditional wood doors and can provide the same look as a rich hardwood. Reach out to Top Quality Contractors for more information about custom-designed, energy-efficient door solutions.



Your front door is your first defense against intruders. A strong door and lock system will deter many crimes of convenience, keeping you safe at all hours. If your door doesn’t have a deadbolt, consider upgrading to a door that has the safety features you need for peace of mind.


Curb appeal

A great front door is the first part of your home visitors will see. Make an impression right off the bat by choosing a door that reflects both the interior and exterior style statements of your space. Matching hardware is the perfect finishing touch to give your entryway an inviting look.


Choose from many different setups when you decide to replace your exterior doors. Decorative doors may have paneling above and on the sides of the doorway. Storm doors are a great way to add additional insulation and protection. Keep your front door open when you’re home; a storm door will let in natural light to increase the overall brightness of the space. Get started on your new exterior doors today by calling our professional door team.

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