Tips for Handling a Broken Window at Home

Don’t let a broken home window stress you out. Find out whether to repair or replace and what to do with that gaping hole in the meantimeBroken Window repair at home

A friendly game of catch or a stray rock under a lawnmower can easily end up hitting your window, leaving you with heat or AC loss and a window to repair or replace. Even under the best circumstances, you may have to deal with a broken home window for a day or two before it can be fixed. Here’s what you need to know…


Repair or Replace?

Depending on the type of window and damage, the answer may be different for every broken window. Traditional glass windows may be more cost-effective to repair with a new piece of glass than to replace. Custom-made, multi-pane, and vintage windows may need to be completely replaced, since the cost of repair can be so high. Unless there’s sentimental value for a particular window like a stained glass piece, consider purchasing a replacement window.


The amount of wear and tear on the window itself may also affect your decision to repair or replace. Get an expert opinion by calling the professional window installers at Top Quality Contractors


Securing the Window

Once you’ve examined the damage, you may need to secure the window until the situation can be remedied. Always wear gloves and shoes and assess how far the glass shattered inside the home. Keep children and pets away from the area until it has been cleaned. Pick up large shards by hand, and use a vacuum and small broom to help you clean up the surrounding area. A lint roller or tape may also be helpful in picking up the smallest fragments.


If the crack or hole in your window is small, use some heavy-duty packing tape to secure the window from both sides, if possible. For larger holes, cover the entire window with several layers of plastic sheeting or plywood. A thick, contractor’s garbage back will also work in a pinch. Try to seal all sides of the plastic or wood covering to prevent heat or AC release while you wait for professional help.


Contact Top Quality Contractors for more information about new windows that are energy efficient, low maintenance, and available in many styles and colors.

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