Top 3 Reasons to Consider More Than One Siding Type

Try mixing and matching your home’s siding to create a new, value-adding design and make your house stand out. Learn more about Multiple Siding Types.Multiple Siding Types


Siding today doesn’t have to be completely uniform. Many homeowners prefer to add depth to their design by mixing brick with stucco or stone accents. There are many ways to personalize your design by choosing a multimedia façade. If you’re renovating, mixing and matching siding gives you extra flexibility in designing a space that fits your personality and style.


Consider these top three reasons for choosing more than one material, and replace your siding with help from Top Quality Contractors this year:


  • It’s cost-effective. If you’ve always wanted brick or stone on your home’s exterior but can’t afford the full treatment, an accent adds polish and class without breaking the bank. Pair your smaller accent space with a more inexpensive siding material like stucco, fiber cement board, or vinyl siding.
  • It’s trendy. Many homes today stand out by incorporating different architectural and design elements to create a finished, but unique look. If you have an older home, adding an accent material can update the overall look and make it feel new again.
  • It’s 100 percent customizable. There are countless ways to make different materials work together. Concrete, wood, and brick can look just as at home together as a more traditional choice of composite siding and stone. You can choose where to add accents. Some homeowners prefer to add a stone wall or add stone or brick up to a certain height (i.e. foundation height or hip height).

Instead of moving, consider changing up the look of your home with a facelift. Make sure you have approval from your homeowners’ association if you have one, and drive around town to see what other people are doing with their homes or go online for inspiration. Half-stone columns can look just as polished as full-stone siding. Concrete doesn’t have to look industrial, and brick doesn’t have to look traditional.

When you’re ready to explore the potential of your home’s siding, get in touch with the professionals at Top Quality Contractors We’ll help you find the siding solution that’s right for you.

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