Preparing Your Home’s Exterior for Fall

 Home Exterior Checklist

Maintenance tasks usually are needed around seasonal changes. This fall, make sure your home is prepared for cooler weather by performing critical exterior maintenance tasks. Some tasks on the list may take only a few minutes of your time and offer peace of mind, while others may alert you to some serious issues that need to be addressed.


Get a Roof Inspection

Roof inspections from Top Quality Contractors. include attic insulation, gutter, ventilation, and roofing material checks. Get a 17-point roof inspection this year to make sure your roof is performing the way it should be to help you stay warm and safe this winter.


Walk Around Your House

Look at your chimney, siding, and foundation for any cracks and damage. Have your chimney cleaned to avoid a fire hazard during and address any structural issues you notice before the weather starts to change.



Weather stripping materials like caulk and added barriers around doors and windows can develop dry rot and damage throughout the year. Check them all and address any areas where you notice damage or cracks. Make sure you seal all cracks around the home that could act as an entrance for small creatures and insects.


Get Firewood Early

Once the cold season hits, the price of wood can skyrocket. Either chop your own hardwoods for your fireplace or fire pit or contact your local providers to see when the first shipments will be available for purchase.


Pressure Wash

During the spring and summer months, homes with certain siding materials can become dingy. Get rid of dust and mold with a good pressure washing and exterior-safe cleaner. The process can also highlight any other structural issues your home may have before the winter months. The fall is also a great time to repaint, repair, or replace old siding.


Clean Your Deck and Patio

Pressure wash or hose down your deck and patio area and clean all outdoor furniture. Remember to put away cushions and cover any furniture to protect it from winter weather.


Let Top Quality Contractors help you get ready for fall and winter with our comprehensive exterior repair and replacement services. Contact us today to learn more about our cold weather solutions for your home.

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