The Safest Way to Access Your Roof

Roof Safety Tips


Gutters, landscaping, and your house’s structure may impede your access by ladder. Knowing how to access your roof safely can prevent significant injury.


If you don’t have experience with roof repair or inspection, contact the professionals at Top Quality Contractors We can help you assess any damage and find the best course of action while you stay on the ground. For those planning to get on the roof throughout the year, do it safely with these tips:


Ladder Vs. Window

If you have access to the roof through a window, use it. Climbing out onto the roof through a window is easier and safer than using a ladder. Ladders should rest firmly against the edge of an eave and should be evenly planted on the ground. Have someone else hold the ladder steady if possible and spot you while you’re working on the roof.


Walking On Roof

Walk carefully on the roof with close-toed tennis shoes or work boots with a strong tread. If you need to access higher points on a gabled roof, you can use an extension ladder for footing support. Do not try to climb a steep slope without something to aid you and avoid doing so entirely if you don’t have experience with the proper technique.


What To Look For

Most problems can be identified from the ground through a set of binoculars. Look for any out of place, cracked, or blistered shingles. Check the caulk and flashing for cracks and rust. Look at your chimney and vent pipes for cracking or other damage. Identify any moss buildup and address it immediately, as it can indicate decay in the roof underneath.


If you cannot access your roof safely, call a professional service for an inspection and repairs. The professional team at Top Quality Contractors offers comprehensive inspection services and can handle any repair work, no matter how small or large. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you with your roof.

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